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Meteora, Greece Pilgrimage
Wednesday 17 - Tuesday 23 May 2023
with Iona Jones


Journey on this Sacred Pilgrimage to one of the most beautiful places in Greece… into the land of the Great Goddess… into the Heart of Gaia. 

This pilgrimage will take us to the magical lands of Meteora, in central Greece. Meteora means ’suspended in air’, and here there are magnificent huge rock pillars rising upwards from the earth. Formed millions of years ago the sandstone complex which lies next to the Pindos Mountains in central Greece, is said to be an exhumed continental remnant of Pangaia. Here amongst these ancient stones we will dive deep into Her earthy mysteries. We will immerse ourselves in Her ancient rocks and walk on Her land. We will make offerings and prayers, will create ceremony, and we will be still, opening ourselves up to receive healing, inspiration and wisdom from Goddess. We will also visit the spectacular monasteries that have been built on some of the peaks of these rocks, and we will visit the incredible Dodona - Greece’s oldest Oracle site, which lies nearby.


This pilgrimage is seven days and seven nights long. On Wednesday, we will arrive into Preveza, in region of Epirus, on the Eastern shores of Greece. On the beautiful coastline we will stay one night and ground and connect to the energies of the Mediterranean. On Thursday we will travel for around four hours through the forested mountains to reach Meteora. We will then be in retreat in Meteora until the following Tuesday morning, when will drive through the mountains to visit the Oracle site of Dodona, before travelling back to Preveza. Our last night is by the Mediterranean before flying home on Wednesday.


  • Seven days / seven nights accommodation in 3 star hotels, in twin rooms, with breakfast

  • Transport 

  • Entrance fees into the Monasteries/Dodona

Not included

  • Flights

  • Transfers from/to the airport

  • Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

  • Travel Insurance


View of Monastery of the Holy Trinity om rock in Meteora, Greece.jpg

Cost - £1,395

Iona Jones


Iona is a Priestess of Avalon and Rhiannon, and lives in Glastonbury. She is blessed to work as a Healer, Therapist, Bodyworker and she conducts Sacred Weddings, Ceremonies and Meditations. Iona has been visiting sacred sites since she was a child, where many weekends and holidays were spent exploring the Celtic lands of England, Wales and France. Throughout her life this connection to sacred places have been a big part of her soul's journey, taking her to explore the lands of Greece, France, India, Egypt, Cambodia, Laos and Australia. In the last 5 years, Iona has been having many past-life memories of being a Priestess and Oracle in Greece. She feels very connected to both Delphi and Meteora. She visited Meteora last summer and it was mind-blowing. She now wants to bring others to experience the power and potency of this magical place.

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