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Delphi Pilgrimage
Thursday 16 - Tuesday 22 May 2024
With Iona Jones and Kyah May

Join us on this sacred pilgrimage as we journey to the home of the ancient Oracle of Delphi... 

Image by Constantinos Kollias

On this six day pilgrimage we will journey to some of the most sacred places of the Goddess in Ancient Greece! We will follow ancient pathways from Athens to the site where the Oracle of Delphi had a home for nearly 2000 years. We will walk on Her sacred land making prayers and offerings, doing ceremony, sharing and opening our hearts to receive the love and wisdom of Goddess.


This will be a deep journey of remembering and connecting to the Oracle of the Earth Mother, Gaia or Ge, as well as reclaiming and activating the Oracle within.

Our journey begins in Athens where we will stay near to the ancient sacred sites. We will have a day in Athens visiting the rocky heights of the Parthenon with its great Temple to Athena, Virgin Goddess of Wisdom, Civilisation, Law, Justice, Peace, the Arts, Weaving and all Crafts. 

We will visit the Acropolis Museum, which contains a feast of original Goddess statues and imagery. We will visit the Kerameikos, where the mystai who were attending the Eleusinian Mysteries, gathered to begin walking the 14 mile Sacred Way to Eleusis.  


On the second day have the morning at the sacred site of Eleusis, where the Eleusinian Mysteries were celebrated annually from 1600BCE to 392CE. The large ceremonial site includes the actual place where Kore or Persephone descended in the Underworld, and where Her mother Demeter wept for Her on the Mirthless Rock. Initiation into the Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone was believed to unite the pilgrim with Goddess and to bring powers and rewards in the afterlife. Although celebrated for nearly 2,000 years the Secret at the Heart of the Mysteries was never revealed to those who had not taken the journey.

From Eleusis we drive through the hills and mountains to sacred Delphi, home of the ancient Oracle. Delphi is both an archaeological site and a modern day town situated high above the valley of Phocis on the southwestern spur of the beautiful high Mount Parnassus. Delphi is a powerful earth energy site built on a wide ledge on the mountainside, its large ancient temples now ruined by the effects of earthquakes.

Staying in Delphi for four nights we will explore the Temple ruins and surroundings, and the Museum. We will perform ceremonies on the land, connecting to the ancient Goddesses, to the Oracle Priestesses, to Athena, Gaia and Ge. We will bless ourselves with the Sacred Waters of the Castellian Spring. There will also be time to relax, for contemplation, remembering, and to visit the shops and cafes in the town.



A highlight of our pilgrimage will be a visit to the Sacred Korykion Cave of the Oracle, high in the mountains, the place where the original Oracle of Ge, of the Muses was heard. This extraordinary natural sacred place is remote and off the beaten track. Here we will open our hearts and minds to hear Her words of inspiration for us.

On the Saturday we will then travel and stay in a hotel near Athens for the last night.


This pilgrimage is seven nights/six days. There are Easyjet flights from Bristol, Gatwick and Manchester on Wednesday 15th, returning the following Wednesday 22nd May 2024. We will start the pilgrimage on Thursday 16th May.


  • Accommodation 3 star hotels, in twin rooms, with breakfast

  • Transport whilst in Greece

  • Entrance fees to sacred sites

  • Ceremonies, tour guides, mediations, blessings etc

Not included

  • Flights

  • Transfers from/to the airport 

  • Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

  • Travel Insurance



The deposit is £300 (non refundable) and secures your place. 


Iona Jones & Kyah May


Iona Jones

Iona is a Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of the Stars. She loves to take people to ancient Goddess sites where they can connect to the energies of the Great Mother. She also offers Ceremonies, Sacred Weddings and is a Soul Healer, Soul Reader and Bodyworker.

Iona lives in Glastonbury and has been visiting sacred sites since she was a child, where many weekends and holidays were spent exploring the Celtic lands of England, Wales and France. Throughout her life this connection to sacred places have been a big part of her soul's journey, taking her to explore the lands of Greece, Europe, India, Egypt, Cambodia, Laos, California and Australia.


Delphi is one of Iona's favourite places to visit and she has a deep past-life connection to being a Priestess there. She is looking forward to sharing this magical place with others.


Kyah May

Kyah May is a Priestess of Goddess and her Ancient Stella mysteries. She is trained in Goddess Astrology, Avalonian Mysteries, Celtic Shamanic Healing, Sacred Oils and Rose healing. 

Kyah lives in Glastonbury and is passionate about the path of the Priestess. Ancient Goddess archetypes and their stories and myths through time is something that she loves.

She works with groups and individuals to reclaim connection to their soul memories, through ceremony and ritual of the Avalonian traditions.

Kyah has been deepening her Priestess path for the last 6 years in Scotland and Avalon, and is originally from Australia. She feels a deep connection to Greece.

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