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The Small Temple of Hathor and Nefertari, Abu Simbel, Egypt.jpg

Egypt Pilgrimage
24 January - 1 February 2025 
with Anna de Iberia (Dr Anna Osann)

Unveil the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and immerse yourself in its transformative energies...

Our 9 day Sacred Journey will take us from the Deep South in Nubia to the Other - and Outer - worldly landscape of the Giza plateau, all along the Sacred River Nile, the lifeline of old and modern Egypt. We connect with our deepest core and our galactic origins, thus enabling the unfolding of our highest potential, our Goddess Self. This will be a deep journey where we will connect to the ancient Egyptian Goddesses and Gods... the Nubian Earth Mother, Hathor, Nefertiti, Isis, Sekhmet, Saqqara, Amun-Ra/Ramses, Osiris and more! 

Image by Osama Elsayed
Abu Simbel Great Temple of Ramesses II rock-cut, Egypt.jpg

We start in Abu Simbel in the southernmost part of Egypt. Our first ceremony on the shores of Lake Nasser will connect us with the land and the water. We will bring our intentions for our Journey and call in the blessings from the Nile Goddess and the Nubian Earth Mother. The next day we perform ceremonies at the Temples of Hathor/Nefertiti and Amun-Ra/Ramses II to get their blessings for activating the seed of our Goddess Self and seventh dimensional potential.

Our next major station is Aswan and Philae with its Temple of Isis. Here we connect with the Divine Feminine and celebrate the Divine Union within us. 

Beautiful interior of the Temple of Dendera or the Temple of Hathor. Egypt, Dendera, Ancie

At Luxor and Karnak, we connect with Sekhmet and awaken her fierceness within us. At Dendera, we dance and play music with Hathor. 

The Temple and Osirion in Abydos will lead us into a process of honouring the ancestors and a journey into the Underworld, where we leave behind all that no longer serves us, to be reborn as our New Self.


At the Giza plateau, we connect with the cosmic forces that guide us. We journey into the pyramid’s healing chamber as well as into outer space, supported by the architecture of the pyramids. We discover the amazing secrets hidden all over the plateau and in Saqqara.

Our Journey ends with an integration ceremony that consolidates our Awakened Goddess Self and our 7-dimensional Being, followed by a grounding ritual that allows us to translate our transformation into tangible actions and manifestations.

Image by Alex Azabache



  • Nine days / Nine nights accommodation in 3 star shared rooms

  • Breakfast

  • Transfers (mini bus and trains whilst there)

  • Entrance Fees to sites

  • Tips

  • Ceremonies, Walks on the Land, Sharing Circles, Meditations

Not included

  • Transfers from/to the accommodation and airport

  • Food

  • Travel Insurance

  • Flights 


Head of the Goddess Hathor at the Temple of Hathor. Dendera Egypt._.jpg


Deposit £200 (non-refundable)

Optional Extra

BOAT 1.png

Boat Trip from Aswan to Abu-Simbel
19 -24 January (Four Nights) 

Explore the hidden shores of the Nubian Lake! This is a cruise  from Aswan to Abu-Simbel, discovering the temples of Kalabsha, Wadi El Seboue, Amada and Abu-Simbel. This beautiful boat is made entirely of wood and sleeps only 12 people - a really relaxing way to explore this area.


This would happen before the pilgrimage 19-24 (4 nights) and then we would meet in Abu-Simbel to start our trip with the rest of the group.


  • Accommodation in Twin Rooms

  • Full Board - breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Transfer from Aswan airport (or hotel) to the boat and from the boat to Abu-Simbel airport (or hotel).

  • Entrance Fees to the sites


£850 per person in twin room

£1050 for single occupancy

BOAT 3.jpeg

Anna de Iberia (Dr Anna Osann)

Anna is a Priestess of Avalon and of Iberia. Her Priestess name is Anna de Iberia. She has spent time in Glastonbury training with the Goddess Temple.


In the “outer world” she holds a PhD in environmental sciences and has been a widely recognised business and academic leader in agriculture and water management for 20+ years.


She has been leading transformational Sacred Travels for 10+ years and has been trained and initiated in several ancient traditions of Europe and the Americas. She is of multi-cultural origin and have travelled the world extensively.

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