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Sardina Pilgrimage
Wednesday 17 - Monday 22 April 2024
with Sarah Perini and Sonia Desiderio

Walk in the footsteps of the ancient priestesses... to the sacred isle of Sardina... to connect to the Goddess of these lands and receive Her gifts and wisdom...

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This pilgrimage offers a simple introduction and approach to some places and themes sharing immense resources of culture, history, indigenous spirituality, knowledge of the amazing land of Sardinia. These ideas are based on shared experiences over the last ten years in Sardinia by groups of women and men who have travelled and walk the Paths of the Goddess and have collaborated with the Temple of the Goddess of Turin and Sardinia, who we honour and thank from the heart. 

This 6-day pilgrimage will take us to the beautiful Italian Island of Sardinia, situated in the turquoise mediterranean sea. This is a journey of discovery and introduction to some of the numerous and very interesting Sardinian and proto-Italian archaeological and sacred places. We will get to know the Faces of the Goddess in Sardinia and honour the directions, elements and the archetypes of the Wheel of the Year, the expression of the indigenous spirituality of the Sacred Island and of our ancestors. We will rediscover the important cultural and historical roots of this land, we will walk, meditate, celebrate, share, spend and live the time of the Wheel of the Mother Goddess of Nature.

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This pilgrimage is seven nights/six days. We will be based in the picturesque north western part of the island, near Alghero. From here we will be exploring many magical places and sacred sites, including Su Crucifissu Mannu, Anghelu Ruju, Monte d’Accoddi, Tamuli. San Leonardo Siete Fuentes, Tula. Valledoria thermal baths, S. Stefano Rock Altar, Oschiri. Well of S.Cristina, Paulilatino. Palmavera Nuragic Village, S.Andrea Priu, Bonorva and the Goddess Temple of Sardinia.


  • Accommodation 3 star hotels, in twin rooms, with breakfast

  • Transport 

Not included

  • Flights

  • Transfers from/to the airport 

  • Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

  • Travel Insurance

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Cost - £1,595

The deposit is a non-refundable £300.

Sarah Perini & Sonia Desiderio

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Sarah Perini

Sarah Perini is a Priestess of Goddess and Priestess of Avalon. 

She graduated in 2003 in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Turin, with a Historical Cultural Degree. Since 1998 she has participated in masters and seminars on anthropological topics at the Interdepartmental Center for Studies for Women of the University of Turin with Anna Brawer and Luciana Percovich, deepening the studies of gender and the work of Maria Gimbutas and Riane Eisler. 

Since 2005 she has been learning the path of the Sacred Feminine, with Luciana Percovich, Vicki Noble, Kathy Jones, Katinka Soetens, and many others. Sarah trained at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, England. Since 2006 she has collaborated with Morena Luciani and the Laima Association in the creation and organisation of Research and Practice Paths of the Sacred Feminine and Female Shamanism. 

For twenty years she has been working in the field of spirituality. She is the author of: “Symbols and Rites of Celtic Women. Queens and Goddesses at Arthur's Age”, also available in English. And: “Ask the Earth. The Art of Geomantic Divination", and" The Magic Symbolism of Coffee. Caffeomancy, the divination ritual and the search for symbols as a cognitive experience ".

In 2015 she started the wonderful Tempio della Dea/ Turin Goddess Temple. She has a deep connection to Sardinia and has been visiting it for many years. She is looking forward to sharing the sacred sites of this island.


Sonia Desiderio

Sonia is a Priestess of Goddess, Priestess of Rhiannon and Priestess of Jana. 

Sonia is a trained nurse, specialising in palliative care, pain therapy and assistance to the chronic and terminally ill patient. She is also a Reiki Master, Advanced Moon Mother, Mindfulness facilitator at IEPP, and a Mother, Artist and Illustrator, and Ceremonialist. She is an independent researcher, founder and President of the APS Temple of Atlantis of the Great Goddess of the Mediterranean Stella Maris, and of the three-year course "Atlantean Priestesses - The Wheel of the Queen: I am you, you are me... Manifesting your own Divine myth". She is also the Co-facilitator for the Path "Living the Wheel of the Goddess Jana" with Sarah Perini.

She has trained at the Temple of the Goddess in Turin with Sarah Perini, the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury with Kathy Jones, and at the Path of Love Mystery School with Katinka Soetens. 

She has lived in Sardinia since she was 5 years old and is co-founder of the Goddess Temple in Sardinia. She is looking forward to showing you the beautiful sites of her homelands.

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